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Digital Identity Ltd is a young Manchester-based company that supplies federated identity services to higher education, small businesses and charities. We are a small group of current and past employees of UK universities, motivated to make interesting and useful software. Most of our work is based around applying the many benefits of Shibboleth and other SAML identity software to social web applications.


Indiid is an identity provider: we provide accounts that you can use to log in to other services on the Internet. We help you to log in securely and conveniently and to only share the information you want to share.

We're not owned by a bank or shop. We're not an Internet giant. We're not a university or government service. We're not tied to the needs of advertisers, shareholders or investors.

We believe that your online identity should be independent too - not locked in to your email provider, social media account or employer.

  • We make it easy for you to protect your privacy
  • We won't sell your data
  • We won't show adverts
  • We won't track you

Digital Identity Labs will present a series of small, experimental web applications. We're focusing on software that will be of use to Higher Education organisations - both staff and students, and with an emphasis on research tools.

Apps in the Labs will be alpha or beta quality, without support, and without any uptime guarantees. They'll be free to use but unsupported. We'll try to gradually shape each project to its users' requirements by encouraging people to experiment and tell us how things can be improved.

Popular apps from the labs will be re-launched as fully supported subscription services. Other options for Labs projects include open sourcing or repackaging as licensed applications that run on local networks.

We're busy putting things together at the moment. Our first Labs apps are expected to appear after we launch the open beta of Indiid.

Consultancy & Bespoke Software

We offer consultancy services and bespoke software development related to identity management, identity assurance, authentication and authorisation services.

In particular we can help you design, install and maintain Shibboleth WAYF/DS, IDP and SP services, SimpleSAMLphp and other identity and access control software, either on a case-by-case basis or as a supported service.

We can offer advice on using SAML to integrate your organisation's own authentication service with hosted services such as Google Apps, Salesforce or Zendesk.

Community & Collaboration

We encourage you to change our open source software - fork the project on Github, make your changes, and maybe ask us to absorb them back into the official project.

We're even willing to do this with our closed projects such as our subscription services. We can supply Higher Education organisations with the source code for building their own customised versions of our services, for running on their own networks or hosting from Digital Identity Ltd.

Most of our internally developed software tools, frameworks and libraries will be open sourced under the permissive MIT license. We're big fans of open source software; we all rely on the open-sourced work of others. Our open source projects are hosted at the excellent

We don't strictly divide our business into propriety/commercial and open source/free projects. We offer paid support for our open source projects, and we'll even consider open-sourcing our commercially licensed products and subscription services if an appropriate bounty is paid to cover development costs. If a service doesn't show promise as a subscription service then we'll open the code.

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Apps & Subscription Services

Our aim is to offer a variety of small, easy to use, single-purpose web applications. These will include tools for administrative and teaching staff, collaboration services, and research and study utilities. Where possible we'll allow them to play well together, and work alongside your existing services.

Subscription charges will be low, monthly and easy to administer. Most apps will offer basic functionality for free, with additional end-user and institutional preferences available by subscription.

Services will be hosted in Europe with an emphasis on privacy and data security. We'll not lock you into our software; you can export your organisation's data in an open format at any time.

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