SmeeFeds, an unplanned federation add-on for Smee

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SmeeFeds is a small federation management extension to Smee for use in research, testing and development.

The main reason SmeeFeds was hurriedly put together on a Sunday afternoon is that I needed to test Smee with a variety of NREN federations and my various scattered notes and comments and tests with URLs and certificate fingerprints were becoming a nuisance.

Smee has tools for handling the sources of SAML metadata but nothing to represent the publishers of metadata. SmeeFeds adds a few tools for handling federations and includes a large collection of information about research and education federations.

At the moment the data still needs a lot of work but it’s still allowed me to test Smee with almost 70 different sources of metadata and find a few bugs in the process.

It’s possibly an over-engineered solution to that problem but it was fun.


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