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Privacy Policy


This is the privacy policy for, the website of Digital Identity Ltd, and associated third-party services. This website is intended to provide information aboutDigital Identity Ltd to the public.

Who we are

Digital Identity Ltd is a UK-registered company. In this policy Digital Identity Ltd will be referred to as “we”, and customers will be referred to as “you”.

As a business based in the United Kingdom we aim to comply with both UK regulations (in particular the Data Protection Act) and European standards, including GDPR.

Information that is collected

Anonymous website statistics

Access to the website is recorded by the analytics service, as aggregated, anonymous browser information without IP addresses or user details. The information is used to see which of our web pages are popular, which browsers are used, and which countries people are based in. It is not (as far as we know) shared with any other companies or linked with browsing on any other sites.

Service Desk Tickets

We route support emails, queries, and so on into a support/service desk hosted by This is so that different members of staff can see you support queries and cooperate when helping you.


We only send marketing information about Digital Identity products if the customer has opted-in. We do not send marketing material for any other businesses.


We do not use any paid advertising on Digital Identity websites - no external advertising is shown, and no direct advertising for other Digital Identity products will be shown. We will not use any third-party advertising services to embed adverts.

We may show product information for partners, but this will be hosted directly and not via advertising services.

Information Sharing

We do not share any information about users with third parties without the explicit consent of the user or unless required to do so by law.

Requests by Law enforcement organisations

Information about you may be released to law enforcement organisations if we are required to do so by law. We require legal warrants for any information release, and will only comply to requests from UK authorities.

We will inform users that their information has been requested unless we are legally prohibited from doing so.

Information lifetime

We do not record any service access logs.

Information in our service desk database will be stored indefinitely.

Account deletion

We can permanently remove user information from our support service desk or email accounts if requested. We may require additional proof of identity before commencing deletion.

When deletion occurs all live data is permanently removed. However it may not be possible to immediately remove data from backups, and logging information will remain on the third-party service that provides our servicedesk.

Viewing and exporting personal data

We can provide a dump of user correspondence if requested by the user (we may require additional proof of identity).


Cookies are small text files stored in a user’s web browser by a web site. This site’s service desk requires to use of cookies in order to function - they are needed to keep track of the login process.

This website also uses cookies for simple analytics - checking visitor statistics - and measuring performance and reliability. No personal information is gathered.

We do not use any third party tracking cookies.

Business Transfers

We do not intend to sell However, if such a sale were to occur we would notify all users before ownership of the service (and customer data) is transferred, to give customers the opportunity to review any changed terms and delete their accounts.

Privacy Policy Changes

Our privacy policy will change over time. We expect most of these changes to involve fine-tuning the wording of the text for legal reasons, and to add more specific details. We intend to maintain high levels of sprivacy.

All changes will be visible in a public, version controlled repository.