Ishigaki 3.0.0 released

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A major new version of Ishigaki is now available on Github and Docker Hub. Ishigaki is probably the best Shibboleth IdP base container for use with Docker, Kubernetes and other container services, and is available for both AMD64 and ARM64 platforms.

This release contains the latest stable Shibboleth IdP release 4.3.1, Jetty 10, Debian 11 and Corretto Java 17. If you’ve been customising Jetty 9 with previous versions of Ishigaki you’ll need to update, replace or remove your changes so they work with the new default configuration. IdP configurations for Ishigaki v2 (using IdP v4.n) should continue to work but it may be a good idea to check or upgrade them.

It’s now possible to install the latest versions of official plugins from the Dockerfile by adding their IDs to the new PLUGIN_IDS environment variable.

Jetty now logs requests to STDOUT by default and no longer forks on startup, saving a tiny amount of time and a significant amount of RAM.

Static web assets are now stored in /opt/jetty-shib/static and the defaults include a replacement for Jetty’s default favicon.

The associated tests have been tweaked and now use Cinc Auditor.

You can read about other minor changes in the Changelog on Github.


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