A Cup Of Matcha 11

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I feel like I’ve had a productive week, but trying to finish existing projects has overlapped with fascinating new things that I don’t have time to look at yet. With a bit of luck one of those projects will have a release announcement just to the left of this very soon.

Identity management things first:

I’ve seen so many apparently good IAM products and protocols fail that I now tend to limit my enthusiasm for new things until people are actually using them. Verifiable Credentials seems to be passing over the line from neat idea to practical tool (I’m not counting any of their use by “crypto” and Web3 scams, for obvious reasons). The general idea is that rather than sign an entire assertion containing many attributes, attributes are signed individually, and confusingly referred to as “credentials” which to most of us means authentication values, not user data.

Shocking but not surprising news that naive web developers have implemented almost worst-case privacy leaks by using Facebook integration. Never integrate with Facebook if you value privacy. Management however need a serious kick up the arse - it’s understandable that young web developers make mistakes, it’s not acceptable that NHS security audits missed this.

I’m still very bad at sales and marketing

General web development and sysadmin things:

And finally:


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