SmeeLive - making it easier to run Smee packages in LiveBook

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SAML metadata parsing tool SmeeView was released yesterday, joining Smee and SmeeFeds, and like the others it has a LiveBook notebook of examples - there’s a blue button in the readme to open it. LiveBook is a web application that’s a bit like a wiki but has interactive notebooks that can run Elixir code.

Today I’ve released SmeeLive, a customised Docker container running LiveBook, with all the extra software needed by Smee already installed, and a set of demonstration notebooks that hopefully show off various features of Smee. If you’re idly curious about what the heck Smee is you can now get a working environment in just a few seconds and run some of the examples.

  1. You need to have Docker installed and running
  2. docker run -p -p --pull always
  3. You should see a URL printed to the shell: open this in your browser to view Livebook.
  4. Click on the ‘Open’ button and select ‘index.livemd’ to open the overview notebook.
  5. Each block of code in the notebook can be run by clicking on the the little play button above it.

All the normal features of LiveBook are still there, so you can write any Elixir code and play with machine learning too.

SmeeLive is available at DockerHub too, so it can also be run with:

docker run -p -p --pull always digitalidentity/smee_live

I aim to add more demos and libraries to SmeeLive in the future. Possibly even useful things.


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