A Cup Of Matcha 12

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I managed to release a couple of things as open source last week and start a couple more, and the old, messy app that Smee is based on is now being rewritten with it. So far the rewrite has definitely paid off.

The Apple Vision Pro looks amazing, I want one, but I have nothing much to add to the excitement except to note that that its built-in authentication (eye scanning) is rather interesting.

Identity management things first:

A bunch of Rust links this week:

I’m supposed to wear some other hats…

“AI” is inescapable

General web and software development things

Finally the less usual things:

  • DreamBerd A terrible new programming language that’s almost believable
  • THE ANALOG THING Own a small analogue computer!
  • Dumb Cuneiform Send messages in cuneiform on clay tablets
  • Shapecatcher Draw a unicode character and it will try to find it. Ignores my attempts at Hangul
  • Turtle Taxi Turtles spread shrimp around deserts


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