A Cup Of Matcha 13

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I had lots of fun last week starting to rebuild my big old metadata processing app using the new Smee libraries that were originally based on chunks of scrappy code copied from it. A few things don’t quite line up properly, a few features are missing, and one or two features need to be optional - other uses of Smee so far (like an MDQ app) assume slightly different data. But overall it’s working out nicely - the new app is simpler, faster and much more reliable.

Last week’s interesting identity management links first, as usual:

Someone asked if IRM (Identity Relationship Management) was still a thing, I didn’t even know it was a thing, or what sort of thing it was. I can now confirm it is still a thing.

  • Identity Knowledge Graph 2023 “A real-world data model of both person and non-person entities and the relationships between them”
  • 3Edges Graphical authorisation policy builder that’s aware of entity relationships
  • SGNL Also seems to use IRM principles

There’s now a number of different federated SSH projects across the world, with new plans to work together. I’ve been thinking about this problem for ages so I’m logging every link I’ve found:

Project management and design

Another week of failing to avoid “AI” and machine learning

A big list of general web and dev links

Ending this week’s lists with a few odd things again:


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