A Cup Of Matcha 14

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Last week I went to a local one-day conference (Manchester Digital) which I think is the first one I’ve attended since the pandemic. A bit of a strain psychologically (and I managed to scald my hands and soak my trousers with hot water in the first 5 minutes) but a good experience. Which is fortunate because I’ve got at least two more conferences coming up in the next few weeks.

My old conference-attending iPad is on its last legs and getting a replacement delayed this weekly link update.

No proper Identity Management links this week, somehow.

  • Apple is plotting the death of the password This isn’t a good article - it implies that Apple’s Passkeys will work with password-based sites, which isn’t what replacing passwords means. Also, passwords will never die.

OTOH I’ve collected lots of project management themed links:

Webmentions aren’t a new standard but I’ve been wondering if they can be used for other things (SAML-related things…)

A few general web and software development links:

Finally, some of the less serious things I’ve found


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