A Cup Of Matcha 15

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I went to Sheffield last week, which isn’t that unusual in itself (lots of people go to Sheffield) but I think it might be the first time I’ve left Greater Manchester in about 3 years. I went to the UKEduCamp unconference where I only mildly embarrassed myself and met lots of friendly smart people.

Links for Identity Management, IdM, IAM, IDAM, or whatever first:

Machine learning and “AI” links next:

Online safety for people who are particularly at risk was a topic I read around a little last week:

The usual big blog of general web and app development links:

Only a few odd things this week:

  • Dwitter Javascript demos written in 140 characters or less. Mind-boggling.
  • A Song Of Summer It’s too hot
  • css-only-chat “A truly monstrous async web chat using no JS whatsoever on the frontend”


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