A Cup Of Matcha 16

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A busy and somewhat stressful week with more surprise consulting work than I’m used to, and unpleasantly muggy weather - both may be to blame for the much shorter list of interesting links this week. Or, maybe there were just fewer interesting things.

I got round to trying to link a small Java app with Elixir using Erlang’s RPC - it looks as if it can manage a million requests per second on my laptop if I add some concurrency to the Java side. I also tried to use OpenSAML as part of this experiment, and failed.

Identity management of course is always interesting:

With Evernote behaving as if it’s “Musked” - firing staff and doubling fees - it’s time to move elsewhere

  • Evernote2MD Converts Evernote notebooks to folders of Markdown text (I’ve not used it yet!)
  • How to switch from Evernote to Obsidian Obsidian looks promising as an alternative
  • Joplin But of course so does Joplin (I have relatives in Joplin - the city - so the name seems a bit weird)

I spent an evening trying to decode the Bluesky firehose feed, for fun. I got a bit lost trying to decode unusual CBOR records.

And some general software development things:

Only one odd link this week:


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