A Cup Of Matcha 17

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Going to an interesting conference early last week (Manchester Dev Con) coincided with a week of weird migraine symptoms. I’ve been zombie-like. I think my part of my brain has had a week off work - I got absolutely no coding done at all.

But have still gathered a few interesting links. First off, the identity management things:

BlueSky’s protocol increasingly looks like it started off as an idealistic/naive/stupid blockchain-based project and then dropped the bits that couldn’t work (blockchain obviously) until only the bits weren’t actively bad were left. I have mixed feelings about it.

WASM is still interesting and so close to being massively important:

  • mod_wasm (more details here) Run WASM code in Apache, but sadly without integration with Apache’s interals
  • Orb Wasmtime A new Elixir package for embedding WASM

Only two ML/”AI” links. Maybe the hype is dying down now.

Product management time:

Linux on Macs:

A bunch of general web development, sysadmin and programming links now:

Only one odd link today, and it’s less odd than just not really fitting in anywhere else:


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