MDQT 0.8.0

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It’s been awhile since MDQT has had an update and two bugs have been irritating me, so I’m please to announce there’s a new release available now from Rubygems. MDQT is a simple commandline tool for accessing MDQ services, and also working with local SAML metadata.

The mdqt url and mdqt get commands can now cope with MDQ servers with a base URL that includes a path. I don’t know any official services that do this, which is largely why the bug wasn’t spotted, but mine do.

There have also been odd cases where installed optional gems for XML processing aren’t picked up by non-root users if the install was done via Ansible, on Ubuntu. Rather than work around this I’ve made the XML gems mandatory - they’ll be installed in the same location and should be available to all users. A number of current and planned features depend on XML support, and the LibXML-based gems such as Nokogiri are no longer tricky to install, so this seemed the best solution.

The gems used by mdqt have been updated too, so Ruby 3.0.0 is now the minimum supported version.


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