Smee Updates

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New releases for the Smee libraries! There are still bugs and missing features, but the suite is now maturing well and has over 1000 tests.

Smee 0.4.0

New features but also much faster. Source, Metadata and Entity records can be serialised to JSON, or as interpolated text, and dumps to screen are smaller and clearer. Parsing XML is over twice as fast. Entities can now be linked to Federation records. There’s more control over caching. All records can now have tags. There are many more filters. Smee now works with the new xmlsec1 command line options, and OTP 26 and Elixir 1.16. See Changelog for more details.

SmeeFeds 0.3.0

Better quality example federation data (still not perfect, but much better), support for tags, and new Federation filters. SmeeFeds has become more of a general purpose library for federation records and not just an archive of test data. JSON export and import have been improved. And there’s many more fields in Federation records: logos, interfederation, IDs that link to other lists. There are now some nice friendly mix tasks to dump data in a readable format. See Changelog for more details.

SmeeView 0.2.0

This release is mostly bug fixes and performance improvements. More data from Smee Entities is now passed to the parsed View, including the new tags. Entity attributes are merged, Sirtfi contact addresses are properly extracted, and the processing speed increased. The compile warnings with Elixir 1.16 should now be gone. See Changelog for more details.


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